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“A more powerful electro magnetic device imitating the magnetic field that cells were meant to have” —  Dr. St. Germain


This device uses technology developed by Nikola Tesla and later used by NASA itself to help the astronauts with the effects of anti gravity. It employs pulsed, electro-magnetic frequencies.

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More about Tesla:

Previously we offered the “Micro Pulse”, an electro magnetic device for pain relief which was a very adequate machine.  -that was until we discovered the PEMF8000.

Basically the PEMF8000, (similar to the Magna Wave), does all the same things as the Micropulse unit but it’s about 100 times bigger and therefore treatment times are faster. Previously,  dogs and horses had to WEAR the micropulse unit for many hours to get the same response that you can get in three MINUTES with the PEMF8000.

A more detailed description will follow soon regarding this new and  advanced technology for the treatment of animals using electro-magnetism regarding the image below:


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