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“The micro pulse device is a powerful electro magnein a portable, mini unit easy for pets to “wear” during treatment”.  It imitates the magnetic field that cells were meant to have” —  Dr. St. Germain


 Micro-Pulse ICES

Micro-Pulse Advanced ICES DigiCeutical ® Technology is embedded inside the most effective PEMF products.

The micro pulse device is not new.  It was invented by a NASA scientist and has very good double blind scientific studies to prove its efficacy. It was marketed as a very expensive device years ago and did not reach mainstream use but recently, its inventor lowered the price so that it could be available to almost everyone. In addition, the newer version is actually a BETTER and more effective product than the older version.

The micro pulse device is not like a TENS unit or electro therapy. Instead it works by electro MAGNETISM. This is a much more bio friendly stimulation. The earth used to have a very thick and comforting magnetic field. All the people and animals on the earth were bathed in this and were subsequently all healthier. Nowadays, the earth’s magnetic field is very weak anticipating a polar shift. This allows us to be struck by more cosmic radiation, among other things, and a weaker field means biological organisms are not getting the magnetic “bath” that they were supposed to have to maintain optimal function. So we all have more aches and pains.

The mp device imitates the magnetic field that cells were meant to have and by doing so, electrons surrounding the cells start spinning around and the cells vibrate and “come alive”. Stem cell functions are then turned on and cell repair is faster. This same mechanism also provides PAIN RELIEF which is a great thing.

The devices sold by the company that makes them go for about $429 for a basic unit up to $489 for the unit with the “array” of coils and more functions. The $429 unit is fine for most things. There is a shipping charge of $6.99 flat rate. 

ICES® DigiCeutical® A9b Kit (above)

We will give a free, short trial period to qualified clients. You can put your name on a list to do the trial.  The finance plan we use is Care Credit. Care Credit is a credit card for health care providers. Clients who qualify have 12 months to 18 months depending on your credit score, to pay the balance interest free. We also have another credit service for clients whose credit may be a little shaky.

The micropulse device is so effective that I cannot say enough good things about it. I direct you to the website where you can see tutorials and a visual display of how the device works. There is a wonderful You Tube video about a little doxie dog who was crippled, paralyzed in the rear with no deep pain sensation according to the video and no control of bladder or stool. He was in a wheelchair cart for 2 years. 4 days after wearing the device 6-8 hours per day the little dog was able to stand and walk. No guarantees can be made, of course, and your pet may not be able to be helped by this device. But if your pet has a serious musculoskeletal problem, a non healing fracture or wound, it is worth a try. I do not know the effect that the device would have on cancer so I don’t recommend you use it on an area with a tumor. I also do not know what effect it would have on a pregnant pet, although I cannot imagine it would harm anything. Still, I would be cautious with a pregnant animal.

Micropulse website: www.micro-pulse.com

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