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 UPDATE: DECEMBER 19-27, 2018

From Dr. St. Germain: in Februray of 2019 I will be traveling to California to visit Mount Shasta which is a spiritual destination for many New Agers since there have been sightings at Mt. Shasta of various otherworldly entities. Also, the energy there is pure crystalline grid earth energy which is the Christ= Love energy so visiting the mountain can be a transforming experience. I am going on a “spiritual tour” of the mountain so I am really looking forward to that and to perhaps enhancing my psychic abilities and intuitive side. Once before when I visited California I felt a surge of energy like no other. I was near the part of California where the Juan de Fuca plate meets the San Andreas fault. I was different after I returned from there and I anticipate another “jump” in my energy after visiting Mt. Shasta.”

MARCH 19-22, 2018

On  March 19, 2018 Dr. St Germain traveled to South Salem, New York  to study with Dr. Martin Goldstein at  Smith Ridge Veterinary Center .  She went there specifically to study Holistic therapy for animals with cancer.  In the future she hopes to offer these therapies for her holistic patients.


Avatar will now be offering in- house titer checks for dogs for Canine Distemper and Parvovirus in lieu of vaccinations. (Recommended for dogs 3 years and older)


Lots of my clients have been asking me about the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza, asking about whether to vaccinate.

It depends on your dog’s exposure to sources of the flu. If you live way out in the country and your dog hardly ever leaves your property can your dog still get the flu? Yes. You can carry the virus home on your shoes or clothing. But of course the risk is way less for that kind of transmission than for a dog that lives in the city, sees other dogs daily, drinks from community water bowls, etc. By the way, community water bowls are to be avoided until this epidemic burns itself out.

Signs of the flu are usually respiratory: fever, coughing, runny eyes and nose. Some dogs only have mild signs, others have developed pneumonia and have had to be hospitalized, still others have died.

Flu is highly contagious, spread on surfaces and some aerosol transmission from the spray of sneezing and coughing so it spreads through a kennel like lightning.

Should you vaccinate? Dogs cannot get the flu from the vaccine. It is a killed vaccine. There is a new vaccine that contains both strains of the flu and that is what you want. The old flu vaccine will not work on the new flu. The manufacturers of vaccines put something in the vaccines to make them work better. These are called “adjuvants” and these products can also cause problems for dogs who are shot reactors. If your dog has had some reactions to vaccines in the past and has low risk of exposure to canine influenza, I think I would consider maybe not vaccinating and keeping your dog away from areas where dogs congregate for a few months. If you want the vaccine, remember that it is not a perfect solution. There is no real protection until the booster is given 2 to 4 weeks after the first vaccine. And then the vaccine only promises to make the dog have a less severe case of the flu, and may not stop it altogether. Also we must remember that the flu in dogs, like the flu in humans, is a virus that mutates quickly. So we may see a third strain of it in years to come and will have to get a new vaccine for that strain.          

Also visit our Avatar Holistic “DIET” web page for more info.

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