“Our guide said this purple light was one of the spirits from inside the mountain. I did feel very energized at this spot.”

MY SHASTA – MARCH 10,  2019 

In the weeks and months prior to my trip to Mt. Shasta I would text my friends, family and clients about my upcoming vacation. Almost every time, the Auto Correction on the I phone would switch Mt. Shasta to My Shasta. I found this irritating, going back into messages to correct the auto correct over and over. But reflecting on this, I see that perhaps this was a little angelic message from the spirit. Because my visit to Mt. Shasta was indeed deeply personal and transformative. My Shasta.

I had arranged for a tour guide to show me the power spots on the mountain. My daughter, Annie, came with me. That was especially nice. I was so glad to be able to share this experience with her. We stayed in a little motel the night before our hike and I did not sleep well. Strange place, strange bed, I never do. Woke up sleepy the next day. We went and rented snowshoes and ski poles. That was another thing I was dreading. I was already tired, how was I going to walk miles wearing snowshoes when I had never done before? But thankfully, that did not prove to be a problem.

It was cold and clear with bright California sunshine. We were dressed for the weather so we did not mind. The mountain air was amazing to breathe. Our guide first took us to lovely Mt. Shasta lake. It’s a big natural lake at the foot of the mountain. Its waters are clear and there was no wind that day so just gentle little waves lapping the shore. Our guide gave us quartz crystals and we had brought some of our own and we were instructed to put them into the water and let them “charge up”. We sat at the shore on some handy rocks and did a little meditation while our crystals were charging. I noticed a big bird flying overhead. Probably a buzzard I was thinking. In Kentucky big birds are usually buzzards. But it seemed too large for that and it had a white head. Oh my! A bald eagle! Paul, our guide, said that he had only seen one other in all his years there. I felt honored and felt it was a powerful omen. Perhaps he was saying Hi and Thank you for all the raptors I had rescued and doctored over the years. Owls and hawks hit by cars or guns or poisoned. I had not saved them all but most had lived.

After the lake we drove to another area which Paul said was the source of the Sacramento River. We walked a brief way to a large rocky ravine where a torrent of water was gushing straight out of the side of the mountain. Several folks were there filling water bottles. I was skeptical. The scientist in me was thinking about Giardia and Leptospirosis but it did not seem like an area that would be contaminated by animal droppings because of the abrupt way it came rushing out of the mountain. So, I bravely filled my little plastic water bottle and took a swig at Paul’s urging. He said he never drank any other water. Paul indicated that there was a little park with bridges that followed the stream so we went for a little walk. It seemed like a perfect haunt for fairies. I cannot see ghosts or fairies but I can feel their presence. The bubbling mountain stream was full of greenery even in the cold. Pretty bright green duck week, some kind of reeds growing in the shallows, and trees everywhere. Some with their branches and roots entwined in weird shapes. It was a magical garden. I did feel fairy and deva spirits there. They love it when you delight in natural splendor.

We drove on up the mountain for about 7 more miles. The road was quite good and well maintained but there were giant 6 foot tall walls of snow on each side. We pulled over into a little lot parking space and then it was time for the dreaded snowshoes. I was pretty tired still. I did manage to put on the shoes with Paul’s help and we started out. First we had to climb the six foot snow wall. We found a place where there was a dent in it and edged up over it onto the blanket of snow. The snowshoes were great! Very light and of course you did not sink down into the snow which was good because in many places it was four feet deep, entirely covering the manzanita bushes. We were walking on top of them in some spots. All around us were majestic red fir. They look like mini redwoods. Glorious trees. Snow covered all the trees making weird shapes. They looked like priests in robes or chess pieces. And now and then a puff of wind would shake a branch and a cloud of crystal sparkly snow would fall off. Like pixie dust. We walked for about a mile with frequent stops so I could catch my breath, and then we came to a clearing shaped vaguely like a merkabah or Star of David. It was not artificial though, just happened to be shaped that way. Paul said this area was a special portal and that down below us was a giant crystal buried deep in the mountain. He said it was a place where two ley lines of the earth crossed and had been discovered by another man years ago. I forgot his name. Paul spread a mylar blanket for us and my daughter and I sat there directly at the center, right over the crystal. It was a bit of a feat to sit whilst wearing snow shoes. Turns out you just stick your legs straight out and kick the heels away from you. The toes of the shoes are pointing back at you. By the way, you can go forward fine in show shoes but don’t try to back up. Ha ha.

We meditated for a bit. Paul said to imagine we were dropping anything troubling us down into the large crystal below us. I did. Curiously, a few minutes after that I was re-energized completely. Never had anything like that happen so dramatically. I got up from that meditation fresh and rarin to go. All the morning tiredness gone. Paul took a photo of me there and I was wrapped in purple light. He just had a regular little Nikon camera, dont know where that came from. It was cool though. Paul said it was the light from an Avatar from within the mountain as if it was hugging me. Very nice! The picture he took of my daughter there showed little lights around her head. Paul said they were fairies.

We hiked back to the car.

Next stop was Ascension Rock. As we arrived at the parking space to get out for that hike I saw some people coming out of the woods with a dog. It was a beautiful Belgian Malinois. I have several patients of that breed so that was cool to see one here. They are not a common dog. More trekking through the snow on the snowshoes. More gorgeous trees. Rabbit footprints in the snow, prints of something bigger,too. We arrived at Ascension rock. This is a powerful energy vortex within the energy vortex of Mt. Shasta so a double vortex and it is the doorway to the legendary inner realms of Mt Shasta where light beings are said to exist. I felt good there but nothing special. Nothing like the first portal we visited. Also it was kind of crowded. Lotsa folks coming to see it. We stayed there for a bit,took some photos and then we left, trekked back, removed our snowshoes, got in the car and drove back the last little bit of the mountain road to the very end to a place called Bunny Flats. There was more road but the snowplows only went to Bunny Flats. In the Summer Paul said you could drive up further. Bunny Flats looked like a place where people do a lot of sledding and snow boarding. Many people there that day, fine weather. It afforded an excellent view of Mount Shasta and we got some pics of us there and then turned and saluted the great mountain and said goodbye.

I have never been religious. I have no church affiliation. I always felt uncomfortable with the word God because it conjured up the image of the old man with the beard. My church, where I feel most spiritual, is when I am in a place with great natural beauty. Mount Shasta for me was like a cathedral. My Shasta. 



UPDATE: DECEMBER 19-27, 2018

From Dr. St. Germain: in Februray of 2019 I will be traveling to California to visit Mount Shasta which is a spiritual destination for many New Agers since there have been sightings at Mt. Shasta of various otherworldly entities. Also, the energy there is pure crystalline grid earth energy which is the Christ= Love energy so visiting the mountain can be a transforming experience. I am going on a “spiritual tour” of the mountain so I am really looking forward to that and to perhaps enhancing my psychic abilities and intuitive side. Once before when I visited California I felt a surge of energy like no other. I was near the part of California where the Juan de Fuca plate meets the San Andreas fault. I was different after I returned from there and I anticipate another “jump” in my energy after visiting Mt. Shasta.”

MARCH 19-22, 2018

On  March 19, 2018 Dr. St Germain traveled to South Salem, New York  to study with Dr. Martin Goldstein at  Smith Ridge Veterinary Center .  She went there specifically to study Holistic therapy for animals with cancer.  In the future she hopes to offer these therapies for her holistic patients.


Avatar will now be offering in- house titer checks for dogs for Canine Distemper and Parvovirus in lieu of vaccinations. (Recommended for dogs 3 years and older)


Lots of my clients have been asking me about the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza, asking about whether to vaccinate.

It depends on your dog’s exposure to sources of the flu. If you live way out in the country and your dog hardly ever leaves your property can your dog still get the flu? Yes. You can carry the virus home on your shoes or clothing. But of course the risk is way less for that kind of transmission than for a dog that lives in the city, sees other dogs daily, drinks from community water bowls, etc. By the way, community water bowls are to be avoided until this epidemic burns itself out.

Signs of the flu are usually respiratory: fever, coughing, runny eyes and nose. Some dogs only have mild signs, others have developed pneumonia and have had to be hospitalized, still others have died.

Flu is highly contagious, spread on surfaces and some aerosol transmission from the spray of sneezing and coughing so it spreads through a kennel like lightning.

Should you vaccinate? Dogs cannot get the flu from the vaccine. It is a killed vaccine. There is a new vaccine that contains both strains of the flu and that is what you want. The old flu vaccine will not work on the new flu. The manufacturers of vaccines put something in the vaccines to make them work better. These are called “adjuvants” and these products can also cause problems for dogs who are shot reactors. If your dog has had some reactions to vaccines in the past and has low risk of exposure to canine influenza, I think I would consider maybe not vaccinating and keeping your dog away from areas where dogs congregate for a few months. If you want the vaccine, remember that it is not a perfect solution. There is no real protection until the booster is given 2 to 4 weeks after the first vaccine. And then the vaccine only promises to make the dog have a less severe case of the flu, and may not stop it altogether. Also we must remember that the flu in dogs, like the flu in humans, is a virus that mutates quickly. So we may see a third strain of it in years to come and will have to get a new vaccine for that strain.          

Also visit our Avatar Holistic “DIET” web page for more info.

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