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The Chakra System, Energy and Sound Healing

The Chakra System

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for vortex or whirlpool. There are 7 Chakras in the mammalian body, human and animal. These are like little tornadoes that distribute “prana” or the life force energy, throughout the body. ( See the hand-drawn picture). When the chakras are unbalanced or disturbed, then eventually there will be problems in the physical body. So it is best to fix problems out in the chakra system first before they become crystallized in the flesh. Following is a discussion of what each chakra governs, note that some body parts are influenced by more than one chakra:

1.) Root chakra, color is red, rules anus, tail, spine, bones (bone marrow), back paws, legs, colon, adrenal glands, kidneys. Root chakra influences instinct, security, survival, self esteem. Usually quite strong in animals. If it is weak, is a cause for concern because it can mean a diminished 

will to live. 

2.) Sacral chakra, color is orange, reproductive organs, lower urinary tract, immune system, pelvis, large and small intestine, sacrum. Emotionally rules relationships with mate or partner. 

3.) Solar plexus chakra, color is yellow, rules stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and liver, adrenal gland, diaphragm, kidneys, part of the nervous system, lumbar vertebrae. This chakra rules social relationships.

4.) Heart chakra, color is green, heart, thymus, immune system( T cells), blood circulation, thoracic vertebrae, and chest.  This chakra rules joy and passion for life and ability to give and receive love.

5.) Throat chakra, color is blue, rules the thyroid gland, lungs, respiratory system, throat, forelegs, forepaws, mouth and vocal chords. This chakra rules the guidance we receive from our spiritual guides. 

6.) Third eye chakra, color is purple, this chakra governs the pineal and pituitary gland and lower brain, the sinuses, left eye and left side of the face, ears, nose, left eye, parts of the nervous system and ability to concentrate. With a weak sixth chakra, there can be headaches, poor eyesight, seizures, nervousness, and sinusitis.

7.) Crown chakra, color is white, this chakra rules the upper brain, right side of face and right eye, and is the place where the divine light enters the body. If an animal is depressed, sometimes this will be weak. 

A wonderful discussion of chakra energy and how it affects health is made in the book “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan. She was a NASA scientist who later became a channeller and healer. She has some good illustrations in her book and some fascinating case histories. She could see people’s chakras and the energy system around people called the aura. She describes seeing “mucous” or “snot” in the auras of people when they were ill. She could “see” drug residues in the aura too. One man who had had dye injected into his spinal cord for a diagnostic procedure still had a shadow of the drug that was used for that purpose 10 years later in his aura. That showed me how drugs can affect us in a subtle way long after we have stopped using them. 

Animals have a chakra system. Some people say that animals have no heart chakra because all animals are connected to the great heart of God. But I do find an energy center over the heart area in most animals. Also, I think that people’s pets have more developed upper chakras like their human counterparts. Animals that are wild do not use the upper chakras much, they are not as developed. 

I have drawn a picture of what I believe the chakra system to look like in a dog.  Other animals are similar. It is interesting how many of the chakras converge in the throat area. Perhaps a collar is not such a good device to put on a dog unless it is very gentle and well fitting. 

I am not gifted with aura sight but I am very good at sensing chakra energy with my lapis lazuli pendulum. I always have it with me. I use the pendulum to sense the energy of the little vortexes or tornadoes as I go over the animal’s body. If I find a weak chakra, I use a crystal to gather up the dark forces or anything blocking the chakra, and then I toss it away. After that, I give the chakra a spin, like spinning a top, with my hand. This works very well to start things up right again. I seem to have a gift for healing animals this way. I have always had this ability. My use of it has waxed and waned in my life according to my other activities. 


After I am done with chakra balancing and acupuncture, I like to “seal the deal” by playing the Tibetan bowls. I have some Tibetan bowls, some that are from the 16thcentury, that are tuned to the various chakras. I select the bowls that will strengthen the weaker chakras and play them. This seems to make the treatments take root faster and last longer. Sound affects our cells very strongly. Sound has a geometry. Check out John Stuart Reid and for pictures of sound-generated wave patterns. Also Hans Jenny, a Swiss physician and others. These images of the wave patterns of sound in water will show you how sound has a physical effect on water. What are we and most creatures made of mostly? Water!
Many ancient people did chanting with their "witch doctors" and this was actually of some use! and indeed very powerful for healing as we now are finding out. "Science" has come round to give validity to many of the witch doctor practices.   Click here to enjoy more sounds of these Tibetan Bowls:

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