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“Kinesiology uses the muscle strength of human surrogates to test for medical problems in the animal patient”.    – Dr. St. Germain

This procedure relies on a process called applied kinesiology which was first used by Dr. George Goodheart in 1964.  It is controversial but the theory is that the cells of the human body have intelligence that is connected to a greater intelligence and that by pushing down on the arm of a subject, for example, and asking questions, there will be a “yes” or positive answer when the subject being tested has a good effect on the patient or a “no” or negative answer when the subject being tested has a negative effect. Applied kinesiology is an art that can be learned by most intuitive people. It takes practice, experience and skill to be reliable.  In the right hands this kind of testing can be quite effective.  Not everyone is good at it.  A special scan, called the Humankind Scan, was developed by Dr. McKittrick Hyatt.  It is a variation on the Goodheart muscle testing.  This is the Scan that I use in my practice.

I do not rely solely on this kind of testing to make my medical decisions.  I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater and there is a great deal that is valuable in Western Medicine.  However, I feel my practice is like a bridge between the new medicine and the old.  I believe human beings and their pets are evolving.  Their DNA is different. Our earth is different than it used to be.  Pollution and toxins are in much greater quantities in our food, air and water.  Many things that used to work to lead us to health no longer work or don’t last as long.  Medications, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture treatments used to last longer.  Nowadays they don’t seem the “hold” as well. Using muscle testing and homeopathy I can get better result for my patients that I used to with medicine, chiropractic or acupuncture alone.

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