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About Our Pet Oxygen Therapy in Louisville, KY


Ozone Machine
Machine used for pet oxygen                therapy in Louisville, KY

“Ozone therapy hyper- oxygenates tissues and helps the body to heal”.                                                                                                                              -Dr. St. Germain

Ozone is a form of oxygen gas.  At All Paws we use medical grade ozone –  generated from pure oxygen – as opposed to naturally occurring ozone in the environment which contains toxins for our pet oxygen therapy in Louisville, KY.  Ozone therapy hyper- oxygenates tissues and helps the body to heal. It can be injected into the patient’s own blood or, directly into  the diseased tissue.

Happy Yorkie at PlayOzone is O3, Oxygen is O2. Regular Oxygen has two oxygen molecules, Ozone has 3. The third Oxygen molecule is unstable and wants to leave. That is why Ozone is such an effective therapy because it easily gives up it’s extra oxygen molecule, saturating everything with Oxygen. Tissue saturated with Oxygen is naturally resistant to disease and cancer. Cancer prefers a LOW oxygen environment and so the high oxygen environment from the ozone is discouraging to cancer cells. Ozone kills viruses, fungal organisms, and bacteria. It is harsh on them but living cells can handle it if it is introduced correctly.   Ozone therapy is administered at Avatar Holistic Healing Center in several different ways.

1)      Injecting blood saturated with Ozone

During our pet oxygen therapy, a pre-determined amount of blood is removed from the animal. The blood is mixed with pure medical grade Ozone made from 100 per cent Oxygen. The blood is shaken with the Ozone. When this is done, the dark venous blood turns bright red as the hemoglobin absorbs the Oxygen in the Ozone. Pathogens (viruses, bacteria or fungal organisms) floating in the blood are killed by the Ozone. The blood (but not the Ozone) is re-injected in to the patient. When the blood and dead pathogens are re-introduced back in to the patient the patient’s immune system is stimulated in a new and unusual way.  Our pet oxygen therapy often helps the patient to throw off disease that has been stubbornly locked in. The patient feels tired right after Ozone therapy, but the next day is often invigorated. Ozone therapy is very helpful for cancer patients. It really helps bring back the body systems weakened by cancer.

2)      Injecting Ozone directly in to the tissue

Ozone can carefully be injected right in to cancerous or infected tissue in small amounts, always being careful not to introduce it directly in to a vein or artery. Although, if this should happen by accident, Ozone made from pure medical grade Oxygen is not as dangerous as injecting room air in to a vein or artery. It quickly diffuses and does not cause an air embolism. It hyper oxygenates diseased tissue and helps the body to heal. Ozone can be injected in to the buccal cavity in the mouth. The mouth is full of blood vessels. Ozone in the gum area is in a good position to expose large amounts of blood to its oxygenating effects. It also helps heal diseased tooth roots.

3) Insufflations of ozone

We can also introduce ozone into the body through the body cavities. a.) rectally  b.) through the ears c.) vaginally.  The idea is to get the source of the ozone as close to the problem area as we can. If an animal has abdominal tumors, for example, the ozone introduced rectally will quickly migrate across the gut wall into the blood, especially the portal vein leading to the liver.   If it is introduced into the ear, it is close to the brain and sinuses so if there are problems there, thats a great way to influence them. If it is introduced vaginally it can help the female reproductive organs.


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