"Acupuncture is not just a temporary fix. It has the power to effect a permanent cure". 

At Avatar Healing Center, Dr. St.Germain performs acupuncture. Dr. St.Germain is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncture Practitioner and a Master Acupuncturist. She was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1981. 

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art developed in Asia centuries ago. There are several different types of acupuncture and different types of needles and tools to use with the needles. Some people like to inject liquids like Vitamin B12 in to acupuncture points. 

Where are the acupuncture points? Acupuncture points are always located over points of lower electrical resistance in the body. These points 

can be found with an electronics device called

an ohmmeter.

Acupuncture points are not always over nerves, arteries, veins or any other anatomical location. They are usually in a depression in the body. The master acupuncturist intuitively knows where the points are and after years of practice, can very quickly find them and insert the needles. 

Acupuncture is very powerful in the right hands and when combined with other therapies, can have amazing results. How does it work? It is thought that the effect of acupuncture is on the layer of electromagnetic energy that rests just outside the body. The first of seven energy layers encasing the body like an egg. Acupuncture somehow shunts the energy in this field around so that damaged areas receive energy from the healthy areas and the body is balanced in this way. 

Moxa can be used with acupuncture. Moxa is made from an herb called mugwort. It is thought to make the acupuncture treatment more powerful when moxa is used with the needles or injections. The practitioner burns the mugwort in a special device that holds it or sometimes on the needles themselves. The smoke from the burning moxa often travels over the diseased or damaged body part as if it “knows” where to go. It is interesting to watch it.

Electrical stimulation with a special device ( dubbed the Chinese machine) that generates a square wave can be used with acupuncture. This is a way to augment the power of the treatment and is often used with very stubborn cases. Acupuncture also stimulates the natural endorphins of the body so that pain is reduced. And acupuncture is very relaxing. Acupuncture is not just a temporary fix. It has the power to effect a permanent cure.