At Avatar Holistic Animal Healing Center we like to use a Class B low level laser for therapy. This is a special laser for therapy not a cutting laser. The light from the laser can reach as much as 4 cm or about 2 inches into the tissue of an animal which is deep enough for most purposes. The light energy from the laser, when it strikes the cells, makes the cells mitochondria “wake up” and this promotes faster healing. The laser also stimulates macrophages, the garbage collecting cells, to gather and “clean up” wounds. The laser treatments relieve pain and this is a big help for people and animals. The laser also stimulates acupuncture points and heals through that modality, too.Say something interesting about your business here.


Lasers are used for athletes in sports medicine. Most teams now travel with a collection of lasers for athletes to use on sports injuries hoping to prevent minor injuries from becoming worse, or for pain and healing for the more chronic ones. While laser treatment cannot always avoid orthopedic surgery, it can sometimes avoid it. Not many other therapies can claim that. When combined with other holistic therapies, proper diet, weight loss and neutraceuticals, It is a great alternative if surgery is not an option and helps so much with pain post operatively, too. Laser therapy works best on an acute injury. 


The light from a Class B low level laser cannot seriously hurt the retina unless you stare at it for a prolonged period, but we use goggles anyway, 

just as a precaution.