From May 25, 2018 Patient: "Scout"

(Left) This is Scout, one of our clients. She is a dock diving champion. BEAUTIFUL!" (Photo by Sable)


As my friend said when I told her about Dr. St. Germain, "You hit the jackpot," I am more than ecstatic to have found this fine veterinarian near Louisville, KY! I have a part dachshund who suffered a back injury early in the week. She was feeling better but still very tender when I picked her up and had been in moderate pain. I visited another vet in the area before contacting Avatar Holistic Veterinary Services. Dr St. Germain called me back and worked us in the same day, on a Saturday. She was kind and patient with my dog. She spent about an hour doing acupuncture, muscle testing, using the PEMF8000 for 40 minutes and finishing with chiropractic. My girl left her place obviously feeling better and not in pain. Dr. St Germain also gave her several supplements. When I paid, I was speechless! She spent so much time with us, gave my girl five supplements, yet the bill was much lower than I expected.She obviously is a very experienced vet who cares about her patients. Her office is warm and inviting. It even has a fountain in the corner.  In summary, if you want a vet who uses eastern medicine first but also has the ability to use western medicine and drugs when needed, you will love Dr. St. Germain! She is a rare gem!



From April 19, 2018 Patient: "Cheza"

"This dog survived bone cancer for a year and is still going strong under my care with a special diet and other holistic remedies". 

This is “Cheza”, and a model on the catwalk at a fashion show - entering the stage as the grand finale! She is sporting red painted toenails and a fake diamond jeweled collar. She is also super shiny. Cheza is a nine year old Great Dane female who has bone cancer (diagnosed at Metropolitan Surgical Services). This dog has survived a major disease for a year and is still going strong under my care with a special diet and other holistic remedies. Her owner entered her in a special fashion show for a benefit for *Saving Sunny in Louisville.  I think she looks great for a dog with late stage cancer.

*(Saving Sunny, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to a building a more compassionate community 

for animals and their humans).


Patient: "BUBBY" Deep (left)

The ozone treatments, B-12 injections, acupuncture therapy, holistic treatments, and other veterinary medicines and superb care provided by Dr. St. Germain to our senior dog have, in our opinion, enhanced his quality of life. She really cares about his quality of life and goes the

 extra mile by keep trying until she finds the right treatment for him. We have resumed our daily walks and he is more 

alert and playful at home. He is 'back'! -- Priceless.

    - Michael and Pigeon Deep  


Patient: "BAILEY " (right) From April 5, 2018

                                                                                                                                             "After only one treatment Bailey turned around and began eating."                                                                                                                                   - Dr. St. Germain 

This dog is a 4 yr old Yellow Lab. She went to the specialist in Louisville for tummy problems March 30 and spent 5 days there. She was diagnosed with cholangio-hepatitis (this is a very bad problem with the gall bladder and liver). Her liver was so small they could not even do a biopsy because it was sequestered behind her ribs. Her liver was cirrhotic too. Her SGPT was over 2000. This is very bad news. The owner came to me as a last resort because the dog would not eat or play and was very sluggish. I treated her with acupuncture, reiki, laser, homotoxicology, and ozone therapy.  After only one treatment, Bailey turned around and is continuing in my care. I don't know if I can reverse the problem but the fact that she improved at all 

with such a serious ailment is encouraging.


Patient: "CHARLIE "

 "I can't emphasize enough how important it is to do regular holistic

 tune ups in older dogs."  - Dr. St. Germain


Charlie is a big reddish Siberian looking dog.  He was born in 2008. He is a Husky crossed with a Golden Retriever. He has no real issues except arthritis. He comes to me regularly for tune ups with ovine placenta and acupuncture and is going to start using the PEMF8000 too. He looks and acts like a much younger dog. His owner gives him home cooked and raw food only.  He has a very attentive owner who only give him the best! Charlie has also had excellent DENTAL CARE.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is to do regular holistic tune ups in older dogs. It really helps keep them balanced.  

This is very important in older dogs.


From October 18, 2017 Patient: "FRANKIE"

Owner, Jennifer   

He's a completely different dog now and SO happy.


"Dr. St. Germain genuinely cares about animals and does everything 

in her power to heal them.  She has done incredible things for my Frankie in only a little time.  He is healthier and much happier.  He used to stay under blankets and hide away from everyone.  His skin was so raw and irritated.  He scratched all the time, so much that he would make himself bleed.  His overall improvement is nothing short of a miracle.  He is  completely different dog now and SO happy.  the old Frankie is back and we are so incredibly grateful We love 

Dr. St. Germain and would highly recommend her to

everyone with a pet.  She truly does care".


From September 28, 2017 Patient: "OPAL"

                                                    Owner, Anne :                                                                     

"By Opal's second visit , one week later- the lesion had healed ".

From Anne: "Opal's first visit to Dr St. Germain was one week ago. Opal is a nine and a half year old American Bulldog who had slowed down noticeably over the past year. What prompted me to take her to a holistic veterinarian was a chronic non-healing ulcer involving two toes of her right forefoot. Opal's half-brother had had the same type of problem and conventional veterinary care was no help and he basically 

lived out his days with this affliction. 

 Dr St Germain evaluated Opal, and treatments at that visit included Chakra readings, acupuncture and laser therapy, plus Rx for ointment to apply to lesion. One of Opal's main problems was overweight: three days of recommended goat's milk cleanse and diet awareness resulted not only in a three pound loss over the week, but also increased vitality (noted independently by two observers!). By Opal's second visit one week later the lesion had healed, chakras were more balanced and she was on track!  I highly recommend Dr St Germain, a compassionate and caring person, and a veterinarian who gets results!"


From July 19, 2017 Patient: "VICTORIA",

                                          Owner: Kate Anne                                                                                            "She's running around and full of life again. I could even feel                                                that her muscle mass has increased. "

            This one of Dr St. Germain's patients. It's a wonderful story.                       


Victoria is a beautiful, 10 year old Torti Point Himalayan cat, 

owned by Kate Anne. Kate would like to offer the following testimonial for both Dr. St. Germain and the holistic treatment 

that saved her cat's life. 

"Victoria has Mega Colon. Victoria was losing weight, vomiting and looked awful. Her hair was dull rough and matting. She was listless and puny. She got down to a frightening 5.9 pounds. My sister and a friend advised she looked so bad that I needed to put her to sleep as that would be the more humane thing to do. I couldn't give up on her.

I tried conventional treatments of two liquid Meds 3 times a day. She maintained for awhile yet progressively got worse with more weight loss and vomiting. Thankfully, Dr. St. Germain is also a holistic veterinarian. She gave Victoria Ovine Placenta stem cell injections at the prescribed dose of one injection every week for 3 weeks.

She has done a near 180 degree turnaround! Victoria has gained weight, (she is nearly 8 pounds, now) she is eating, and her coat feels like silk. She's running around and full of life again. I could even feel that her muscle mass has increased. We are also giving her a raw diet and never any dry food, which has also helped her heal.

I hope that people in America can learn to open their minds more to integrative holistic medicine and not solely rely on conventional treatments to treat sickness and disease. Being open minded saved my beloved Victoria. The proof is in the pictures!“

Thank you, Kate Anne. It is wonderful to see such a dramatic improvement in any of our patients. If anyone is interested in holistic medicine and/or a raw diet, please contact Dr. St. Germain".    


from April 18, 2017 Rebecca:


 "I also love the fact that she listens to the whole picture..."

I had been looking for a holistic vet ever since my move to KY 18 months ago. I am so very pleased with Dr. St. Germain. I love that she uses an integrative approach as my dogs have a lot of "stuff" going on. I am not a purist but I also don't believe all things can be solved with drugs. I also love the fact that she listens to the whole picture....sees the whole animal and treats accordingly. After searching and going through 5 different vets down here....I finally found one that I am comfortable with and so are my dogs!in".    


From January 2016, Patient: "Frost

       "Over the course of this year, visiting once a month, Frost's over all                                   heath has improved and more impressively his mobility has improved". 

From the owner: "I started taking Frost to Avatar Holistic Veterinary Services, to see Dr. St. Germain, in January of 2016. Frost was close to his tenth birthday and, as an over-sized German Shepherd Dog, he was having rear end mobility issues. He would stumble in the back end when walking, couldn't get up in the bed or car without me lifting him, he would fall on his rear when squatting to potty. The traditional vet was suggesting NSAIDs in high dose to "help him". This came with a long list of side effects, including liver damage, that I didn't feel was in the best interest of my other wise healthy dog. Over the course of this year, visiting once a month, Frost's over all heath has improved and more impressively his mobility has improved over the course of treatments. He can take short easy hikes again, he can get himself on the bed with a ramp and in the car with just a boost or sometimes on his own with a hop! Frost no longer falls on his rear when trying to potty and most recently even started to use his back foot to scratch while standing on his other three legs. At the start of this year I was pricing canine wheelchairs and getting ready to retire Frost from his work as a therapy dog. Now as this year draws to a close I am renewing Frost's active membership in our therapy dog organization and looking forward to all the joy he can still get out of his life and bring to others. Thank you Dr. St. Germain for all you have done, and continue to do, for my special old boy".

Frost's first time on a real hike in almost 2 years. He set the pace for all of us and had an amazing day. I haven't seen him this happy in a while. Thank you for helping him with his mobility I am 

comfortable with and so are my dogs!    



PATIENT: "Clancy"

This  dog's name is Clancy.  (left and below) He was brought in to me in July of 2016 and I diagnosed him with Atopic dermatitis.  I began Holistic treatments that day using a combination of homeopathy and diet therapy.  By October of 2016, Clancy appears much better. He has lost nearly 20 pounds of bloat. He is much fitter 

and leaner now! (See below )   


"Clancy"- After Holistic treatments:

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Christina L. Neves Fazio: November 2, 2019 ·

 "I love Dr. St.Germaine and really feel comfortable bringing my dogs to see her. She has made my arthritic and spinal injured dog so much more comfortable. 

I love that she takes a holistic approach and will continue to take my dogs to her as long as she practices. Such a compassionate soul and my dog was more comfortable with her than she has ever been around anyone. Highly recommended!"
Christina F.