"The owners told me that the little Doxie drank her own urine every day." --Dr. St. Germain

My first introduction to auto urine therapy was a horse that came to stay at a farm I lived on in the 70’s when I was a vet student. The horse had been stranded for months on a ranch where the water sources were contaminated by alkaline salts. These “alkali flats” are throughout the Western United States. They are places with dried up river beds. When they fill with water, the water is full of salt and is generally undrinkable. But the poor horses on this ranch had nothing else to drink. Most died, a few survived and were rescued. This horse was one of the survivors. I noticed that every time he urinated, he would stretch his nose around to his urine stream and drink it as he was urinating. At the time, I thought it was very strange behavior and I thought it could not be doing him any good. The horse had kidney issues because of his past history. I thought that drinking his own urine must surely be contributing to his kidney disease and should be stopped. But his owner told me that he was getting better and better instead of worse and worse. I forgot about this horse for a long time. 

The second case of auto urine therapy that I saw was about 30 years later in a little Dachshund who had metastasized Mast Cell tumors. The primary tumor had been biopsied and removed but the cancer had metastasized and spread anyway. Nevertheless, the little dog was doing pretty well. It was not on any therapy, no antihistamines or chemotherapy. The owners had done nothing, they had been told by their previous vet that the dog would probably not live very long. They had come to me for a second opinion and we tried some holistic therapy and diet therapy, but also, the owners told me that the little Doxie drank her own urine every day. The owners wanted me to tell them how to make her stop. But by then, I had read a lot about urine therapy and I realized that many animals understand that it is a natural balancing and healing thing to do, so they do it on their own, instinctively knowing how to cure themselves. So I told them to let her do it as much as she wanted. That little dog lived another 6 years. She would occasionally have a Mast Cell eruption, but they never progressed very far and she was not sick in any other way. She had energy, she ate well, normal stool. Can you say that for most pets and people on chemotherapy? 

Urine drinking is commonly practiced in many parts of the world. Tibetan monks claim it is the secret to longevity. Prime minister Nehru of India did it every day and lived to be 98. But it is not commonly practiced in the USA or Europe. There is a stigma associated with it, that it is “dirty”.  Urine itself, however, is sterile. It is usually not contaminated with bacteria or anything “dirty”. Urine contains urea which is a chemical that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. An old folk remedy for athletes foot is to urinate on the affected toes. It works quite well, actually. Drinking urine has an anti-inflammatory effect on the bowel, so ulcers are soothed and healed by it. When ingested, urine also contains something that acts like an antidepressant. Urine contains cancer cells that are cast off by the body. When urine is drunk, these cells pass down through the digestive tract and pass by the Peyer’s patches in the large bowel. In the Peyer’s patches, there are cells that can recognize invaders and make immunity. So when the cancer cells are seen, natural immunity is mounted towards them. Very powerful.

Urine contains whatever the body has lost so by drinking it back, it helps to normalize the body. If potassium is lost, it is in the urine and when the urine is ingested the potassium is replenished. Same for all the other minerals and electrolytes. Drinking urine is helpful for animals who have seizures. Seizure disorder is often associated with an unbalanced system. Anything that brings back balance will minimize seizures. 

What about kidney and bladder problems? We are usually told to drink large amounts of water if we have a kidney or bladder problem to “flush”the urinary tract. But actually, by drinking urine, we concentrate urea in the urinary tract and that will kill bacteria and fungi that are invading it. So maybe it is better to do that than to dilute with water drinking. I keep thinking about the little horse that survived the alkali flats. Interesting, no?

Allergy sufferers are helped by urine drinking. It helps to desensitize the body to whatever the body is over reacting to. Especially good for eczema. 

I think you are starting to get the idea. Urine drinking encourages HOMEOSTASIS. It normalizes and brings back balance. In the disease state , we are out of balance.