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Established over fifteen years ago, All Paws strives to provide the best care at affordable prices .  Holistic vets are not very common in Central Kentucky but Dr. St. Germain has been licensed since 1981 by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society which is a very old and honored organization for holistic vets. Holistic veterinary care practiced by an experienced and licensed vet, is one of our trademarks. If you are interested in alternative medicine or just regular Western Medicine with a personal touch and a doctor with a great bedside manner, please give Dr.St Germain a try and visit our new information page on this  website:   Avatar Animal Holistic Healing Center.

Lebanon, Kentucky has been Dr. St. Germain’s home since 1992. She had been providing quality veterinary medical  for all her clients since then.  All Paws is a small practice but that is the way we like it. We get to know our clients better that way. We have a full service veterinary facility. We offer vaccinations, surgery, Xrays, blood tests, all the usual veterinary things. Dr. St.Germain does not offer holistic care unless she feels it would be helpful, and then always with the owner’s knowledge and permission. Holistic vets usually practice this way. It is not always necessary to use alternative therapy. Regular Western medicine is sometimes the quickest and best treatment. Dr. St.Germain likes to consider her practice a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine.

We are proud of our luxury boarding facility.We think it is the best and most reasonably priced in Lebanon.  All our boarding kennels have indoor /outdoor spaces so dogs are never trapped in a cage. Heating in the Winter and air conditioning in the Summer is also provided in roomy, comfortable suites. Our clients say their dogs are very happy when they stay with us.

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